Hi-Jack Tips & Support

Hot line number: 083 389 1403

Tips and advice

  • When driving, always lock your doors
  • Try not to be the first car in line at traffic lights or stop streets, always be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not park in unlit areas after dark
  • Approach your residence with care – always look out for strangers 'hanging around'
  • Should you need a child seat in your car have it fitted behind the driver's seat - this allows easy access to your child in the event of a hijacking
  • When driving make sure all your mirrors are adjusted in a way that offers you the best all-rounded view
  • When stopping behind other vehicles make sure there is enough room to overtake the car in front of you
  • If you have to get away from a situation, turn left at the next intersection - that way if you cause an accident the car's boot will absorb most of the impact.
  • Never drive straight through an intersection.
  • If you notice a suspicious car, or a car that you've not seen before has been behind you for some time, drive to the nearest Police Station. On arrival at the Police Station push your car's hooter until someone comes outside.
  • When approaching traffic lights try not to be first in the queue. Almost 90% of all hijackings are done to the car in the front of the queue. If you are first, slow down so that you don't come to a complete stop before the light turns green.

Emergency Procedures

  • In the event that you are hijacked try not to panic
  • Do not offer resistance
  • Do not stare at, or make eye contact with the hijacker
  • Do not make sudden movements – keep your hands in view of the hijacker
  • Always be clear what you are doing - speak as clearly as you can - "I'm undoing my seatbelt" will help defuse tension. If there is a child in your car tell the hijacker that you want to remove the child.
  • Try to remember details that will help the police – the shoes & trousers the hijacker was wearing, jackets and hats etc.
  • Once you are out of danger, call the Geotab™ Control Room on any of the listed numbers