Added Value Integrations

With the release of GO6iOX, the world's first truly expandable telematics device, Geotab has created the concept of telematics-as-a-platform. The integration of custom-designed and / or third-party hardware with GO6iOX allows the vehicle to become a data-centric hub streaming various data to Checkmate, giving our Customers a single software suite hosting all their vehicle's data.

Garmin - Messaging, routing and communication

  • Pre-load delivery schedule
  • Send stops and routes directly to the vehicle
  • Locate 'nearest to an address' and automatically route on the fly
  • Route optimisation
  • Drivers can change their status by touching the screen
  • Driver status information can be color coded
  • All driver information is displayed on a map
  • Monitors for device disconnection, ensuring 100% up-time
  • All messages are verified and time-stamped
  • Two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • 'Canned Responses' - caters for single-touch response from the Driver

pdfTechnical Specification (Garmin)327.28 KB

Iridium - GPS Data Modem

  • Designed for 'extreme remote' applications without GSM
  • Affordable, time-based data transfer via GPS Satellites
  • Optional emergency 'Man Down' feature with in-cab delivery confirmation
  • Standard data logging package:
  • Ignition
  • Poll
  • Emergency
  • ALE [Accident Level Event]
  • Extended data logging includes Standard package plus:
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • Auxiliary device activation
  • Movement with ignition off

pdfTechnical Specification (Iridium)149.43 KB

Mobile Witnes™ - In-cab video camera

  • In-Cab Hi-def camera [1080dpi]
  • Single [1300] & Dual view [1300/1400]
  • Automatic event recording to secure folder
  • Driver prompted event recording
  • OTA [Over the air] recording via Checkmate
  • Notification in Checkmate™ through integration with GO4™ & GO6iOX™
  • Up to 32GB SD card storage available
  • GPS Positioning
  • 3-axis accelerometer

pdfBrochure698.4 KB

MobilEye - Collision avoidance & driver coaching

  • World leading collision avoidance technology
  • In-cab Driver warning for:
    • Lane departure [drifting]
    • Forward Collision
    • Headway Monitoring [Distance from vehicle in front]
    • Pedestrian Collision
    • Automatic high-beam activation/de-activation

Load Rite - Gross Vehicle Weight [GVM] and load weight distribution

  • Vehicle [rigid or articulated] gross mass measurement - live updates
  • Load distribution measurement

Sub-Zero - Cargo temperature monitoring

  • Reefer temperature monitoring - live temperature updates
  • Up to 3 temperature zones
  • Rigid or articulated solutions available
  • RF link for tractor trailer applications - data feed 'outside' the suzie

Load Ringfence - Monitor cargo offloading

  • Automatic notification when goods are offloaded
  • Suitable for loads or heavy equipment
  • Tether between 2.5 & 12 metres
  • Inexpensive tether caters for 'fit & forget' applications
  • Tethers can be recovered and reused for up to two years
  • Low battery notification